Improving a Guy’s Hair


Some guys have almost everything that a girl could want – a great body, a nice personality, and a handsome look. Yet some of these guys still have problems in one area – hair. You might love everything about your guy, but if his hair is a turn-off, it can cause big problems.

If you find yourself with a guy like this, you’ll have to tread carefully if you plan on telling him that he needs to change his haircut. Guys can be very sensitive about their hair, and just coming out and saying that a guy’s hair is ugly is sure to put a damper on the relationship. Here are some tactful ways to improve your guy’s hairstyle, no matter what he has on top of his head.

Thinning Hair – This is a big problem, faced by many guys of all ages. Women typically don’t find it attractive, which leads men to shell out millions of dollars every year for hair loss treatments of all kinds, from lotions to prescription drugs.

If your guy is losing his hair, don’t bother pointing it out to him – it’s a given that he already knows and is self-conscious about it. If his hair loss is an issue for you, there really isn’t much you can do about it. His hair will most likely continue to fall out as he ages, so if it’s a big problem for you, you should consider moving on to a different relationship if you can’t accept it.

Bed Head – Does your man keep his hair looking a bit disheveled on purpose, to achieve that “just got out of bed” look? Some guys do this intentionally while others are just completely unaware that their hair looks unkempt. If your man can’t pull off the look, let him know gently that he needs a new hairstyle.

The Frizz Monster – We may not spend as much time on our hair as women do, but guys have a lot of the same problems.

Most guys, aside from metrosexuals, don’t know a thing about hair products. If the frizz in your man’s hair is a bit out of control, suggest to him that there are products he could use to tame it, and help him choose one out.

The Buzz Cut or Close Shave – Your man may buzz cut his hair or just shave it down to the skin because he’s losing his hair or just because he likes the way it looks. If you’re not a fan of the shaved look, gently suggest to him that he would look good if he let his hair grow out.