Immunisation and Vaccines – Use the Law of Attraction to Create Health For Baby Around Vaccinations

Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate?

Some countries don’t give parents a choice about whether or not to immunise children. In others, the official line is to encourage vaccination but it is not the law.

However, we have all hear stories about the link between some vaccines and autism. My memory of working as a psychologist in early childhood services is of several parents of children with autism spectrum issues reporting a change in their child following vaccination.

The Best Decision for Baby around Vaccines

It can be challenging though for parents to make the best decision around vaccines particularly when we are being advised (or forced) to take a particular action.

But the real issue here is whether you as parent can allow yourself to tap into your own wisdom and can feel confident in making decisions that feel good for you, your baby and your family.

Most of us have not been taught to listen to our inner guidance. Nor do we realise that we are creators of our experience. However tuning in and deliberately creating what you want is a teachable skill you can develop through coaching for example.

The Law of Attraction and Vaccinations

By focusing on what we want…e.g. freedom to make the best decision for your baby, to have a healthy child, to make decisions that enhance your baby’s vitality etc. you are giving the message to your subconscious (and the universe) to bring that into your experience.

As a goal seeking device, your subconscious will do just that. From a law of attraction perspective, by investing your energy in what you want around vaccinations and your baby’s health you attract that too.

Immunisation and vaccination can be a challenging topic for parents. But you can enjoy crystal clarity about what is right for you…. empowering you to move forward with confidence in your chosen direction and create what you want to experience in family life and parenting regardless of how complicated or controversial the issue.