I’m Losing So Much Hair With Chronic Telogen Effluvium I’m Afraid I’ll Go Bald

I often hear from people who believe that they have chronic telogen effluvium and who are quite panicked. Often, their hair has been shedding for some time with no signs of slowing down and they are very worried that, if something doesn’t change very soon, they are eventually going to thin so much that they will reach the point of baldness.

I heard from someone who said “my hair has been shedding terribly for eight months. I’m assuming that this is chronic telogen effluvium or CTE because it’s gone on for much longer than six months. And, it is just as bad today as it was when this whole thing started. I have seen no improvement whatsoever in the number of hairs that are falling out. It doesn’t matter what type of shampoo I use or what I eat or how I groom my hair, I am always going to lose an alarming amount of hair every single day. It is at the point that I’m worried that I am eventually going to go bald. My hair is so much more thin now than it was when this all started. And I find myself wondering how much worse this can possibly get. Because at this rate, I worry that eventually I will go bald.

If This Is Really Chronic Telogen Effluvium, You Should Be Regrowing Hair As You Are Shedding It Which Should Prevent Baldness: I know firsthand that you can lose an alarming amount of hair when you are shedding like this. I know that every day can feel as if you are getting closer to the point of no return as far as your hair goes. But, if you have chronic telogen effluvium (or even the non chronic form) then you should know that the hair that you are shedding should be regrowing at the same time. And this process takes around 2 – 3 months. So the hair that you are regrowing right now is replacing hair that feel out 2 – 3 months ago. Yes, the hairs that come in are short and do not provide much coverage at first, but they should certainly prevent baldness.

I won’t lie to you. Some people who have severe CTE with no signs of it ever letting up feel the need to get a topper or to wear powders or extensions to make their hair appear more full. Some even chose wigs to help to restore their confidence. But I know of no one who reached the point of total baldness from any effluvium. I am sure that it’s possible and that perhaps someone will correct me on this or even disagree. But this is my experience. I’m not saying that your hair won’t get much more thin, but I have my doubts about baldness.

With this said, there are hair loss conditions that do reach the point of baldness such as alopecia totalis or severe and progressive androgenetic alopecia, but that wasn’t what was being discussed here. Still, if you think there’s any chance that you don’t have CTE and instead have something else, then you may wish to discuss this with your doctor.

Never Stop Looking For A Trigger Or Some Relief: Sometimes, when you have ongoing shedding, you begin to feel as if it is never going to end and there is a real risk in giving up. Please don’t give up. Chronic shedding can sometimes be caused by a reoccurring trigger that, once removed, will improve your situation or even slow or stop the shedding. I do understand that sometimes, you have tried and tried and you can still not find any cause. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop looking or that you should stop trying things that might improve your situation like lessening any inflammation and supporting healthy regrowth.