If You Want to Fix Your Xbox 360 Disc Read Error, Read This!

1. What does Disc Read Error mean?
2. What caused it?
3. How to fix it?

Disc Read Error can basically happen due to many factors, such as scratched disk, DVD drive problem, dust on the laser reader, and incorrect region. I will explain further on all this problem below.

What does it mean?

In simple terms, it basically means that your Xbox 360 console can not read or play the disc inserted into the DVD drive. Read below to see what could cause this.

What caused it?

Couple of factors contribute to this problem as explained below:

Disc is scratched

  • The nature of CDs, DVDs are such that they get scratched easily. When they are scratched constantly over time, the data on them becomes unreadable.

Disc is dirty / dusty

  • When disc are not kept properly in their cases, dirt and dust can build up on them. So, when the DVD drive tries to read them, the laser beam path gets blocked, resulting in the error

Incorrect region disc

  • DVDs came in different formats that states their regions. If the region of the DVD and player do not match, it will not play the disc.

How to fix it?

Firstly, do not start hitting your console as it will only make matters worse. Disc Read Error fix variants inline with the factors below.

If the disc is scratched, you can try cleaning it with a piece of cloth. If the scratches are extreme, then you would need to replace it.

If it's dirty, then just clean it up and make sure to place it in a case or folder.

Be careful when buying disc that are mean for different regions. Return it to the shop or retailer if you happen to buy one and get them to give a correct region one.

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Good Luck Gaming!