If You Have Fingernail Fungus, You Can Kill it With These Popular Remedies

Popular Fingernail Fungus Remedies

If you have fingernail fungus there are many popular remedies you can use. Some remedies have been passed on by word of mouth for generations. These remedies can sometimes be so ridiculous it feels like your trying to perform voodoo magic. One such remedy involves soaking your nails in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, and then soaking your hand in bleach. This method burns for hours, and chances are you absorb some toxins through your skin that are in the bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Surely there has to be a better way.

You can always visit your doctor…

Another route many people take is going to visit a doctor. Even with health insurance this will turn into a very costly affair. First, an appointment with a local doctor must be made. When the doctor sees your fungus more likely than not he will want to have testing done for a simple case of nail fungus! The lab will remove a piece of your nail and send it off to determine exactly what kind of fungus it is, if that even matters. In the meantime you’re left wondering about your fungus infection. The doctor will also prescribe you medications to take care of your fungus. The question is though, are drugs and their associated side effects really necessary to take care of a simple nail fungus infection? If a drug that is ingested is able to kill fungus, imagine what it can do to one’s liver.

Some say Iodine works

Another popular “cure-all” is clear iodine. The idea is if you apply iodine to the exposed part of your nail every day the toxins will work their way down into your nail and take out the fungus. While this may be true, it takes a considerable amount of time and who knows how long the iodine toxins linger beneath your nail.