If You Are Having Trouble Making The Secret Work, This Might Help

What you visualize and believe totally will manifest. That is The Secret. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Why? Lester Levenson, a Master, taught THE goal process that REALLY works. Without this, it can be difficult, if not impossible.

Lester Levenson, a physicist discovered The Secret in 1952 with imminent death from heart disease approaching at 42 years old. I worked and studied with him from 1983 to 1994, when he passed on at the age of 85. He healed himself totally and became an enlightened teacher and multimillionaire. And it only took him three months! How? By letting go of his own self created obstacles and negative feelings which were not only stopping him. They were killing him.

He retraced his own healing steps in 1974, and created The Sedona Method,

whereby anyone can release all the subconscious blocks to having, doing and being anything one desires. From the first day of applying the Sedona Method, most people who release, will feel lighter and happier, and begin to unlock what has been stopping them: their self imposed limitations. Lester called them the non winning programs/beliefs.

What you visualize will manifest if you have no unconscious blocks working against you. There’s the rub. Very few people using The Secret are in that state. Lester took this many steps further so we can have our goals in scientific expectation. After all, he was a physicist.

Lester taught me the goal process that really works. Why? Because, along with visualizing and affirming, Lester taught me how to LET GO of the feeling obstacles in the way of manifesting the goal. THAT is the missing link in The Secret. My own advanced work in this is what Lester taught me privately over that 11 year period. I call it the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) Releasing Method, a phrase Lester used all the time with it. Releasing addresses letting go of master programs that are detrimental to our lives, and that once we let go of them, we become freer, happier, and more successful. Lester called it a necessary survival tool for the world today.

Many people report problems with trying to implement The Secret, though. I have had a strong intuition that there are many, many folks who sincerely wanted The Secret to work and believed it, but have been left out without knowing the next step to take. Lester was a fully realized Master, and as a student of this avatar, I was able to have many conversations with him before he passed from this world to the next. I wrote a book about it, Lester and Me, My Unforgettable Conversations With An American Master.

More importantly for you, understanding how to apply this “missing link” will make your dreams reality by addressing what is really in the way. These are your SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS: subconscious negative feelings and anti-winning programs. It is these that have been stopping you from achieving your dreams all along. And it’s Lester that showed his students how to begin the process of ridding oneself of these self destructive programs.

Have you heard those little negative voices talk when you think about your goals and visualize what you want? That is where The Sedona Method works. After releasing on a goal for a while, those will quiet down a lot. You will know, scientifically with the Feeling Energy Chart, when and where a goal will happen. Lester was a physicist and proved this out for himself. He saw that everything that had happened to him had a thought prior to its occurring in his life. This formed the basis for the Goal Processes in the Sedona Method.

Let’s call this “The Sedona Method Secret.”