If It Looks Like A Duck And It Quacks Like A Duck

Ok, gang; it's time to get our mental vision checked. Not your physical vision, that's not what I'm talking about. Mental vision, just like physical vision, can become cloudy. And then would you like to know what happens? Do not miss this.

You end up about as lucky as the only man in a women's prison with a fist full of pardons. Nah, I'm kidding, Or …. am I? :>) do not get mad at me now.

Let's see, said the blind man!

The two most common weaknesses of our physical vision are nearsightedness and farsightedness. To use an analogy we could say that these same two conditions are our biggest problems with mental vision.

A person who is mentally nearsighted is honest to ignore and overlook problems and possibilities that are distant. He is totally obsessed and focused on the problem and possibilities that are right in front of him.

He is oblivious to the problems and possibilities that he may encounter in the future. To him, the future looks about as important as a screen door on a submarine.

He could not care less about the future. He does not think or plan in future terms. The future to him is a whole new ball game because he can not see beyond the end of his nose.

Well, what about his cousin?

Ah, yeah. On the other side, the mentally farsighted person is respect to ignore and overlook problems and "possibilities" that are right in front of his face. He is totally oblivious to problems and possibilities that are about to eat him.

Have you ever heard the cliché, "if it were a snake it would have bit him"? Yep, that's our farsighted friend; a real mental giant.

He's somewhere off every day in fairy land; A dream world of Peter Pan and Disneyland. He wants to start out at the top of his company. He would never be happy cleaning toilets. The only job he would take is where he could start out at the top; never realizing the only job like that is digging a hole.

Can not see the forest for the trees!

In the process of examining our mental vision, we need to develop both our sight and our near sight. The advantages to a person who can see what is right in front of him are great. Are there possibilities all around you right now that you are overlooking? Are there things in your life everyday that you scoff at because they look like a Duck?

Fortunes were made off of a little thing called a paper clip. A fortune was made off of another thing called a bobbie pin; all because someone dared to not only see with their eyes, but, also to see with their mental vision.

Throwing Out The Baby With The Bath Water!

A mentally farsighted person would probably never have discovered something as trivial, yeah right, as a paper clip. Remember he is always off somewhere in never never land trying to discover the Rock of Gibraltar. Now, this is assuming that his near sighted mental vision is all backed up like a toilet.

If he recognizes that some things that look like a duck and quack like a duck just might be a duck, then this guy could be crying all the way to the bank.

Well, is not that just the cat's pajamas?

I remember the last time I was in a pet store; I bought the neat little super-duper pooper scooper for my cat's litter box. I'll bet the guy that discovered that made a fortune off of it; hehehe … Considering what I had to do, before I had that little device, I was glad to buy it. :>)

But, a mentally nearsighted person comes with his own set of problems. Here is the dude that can only see the nose in front of his face. He sees no value in planning, thinking, and preparing for the future. Thinking of anything more than a day away, for him, gets his knickers all in a twist.

He is so pre-occupied with the alligators that are trying to eat him right now, that he can not free his mind, to give his creative juices enough energy, to look into the distance and see the big picture. Being able to see down the road and mentally visualize great possibilities is a phenomenal function of the human brain.

Be an Eagle Eye!

This type of creative mental vision is a skill that can be learned and exercised. It is a skill that we all need to develop so we can learn to look into our own private world with a fresh mental vision and see the opportunities that are already about us and the ones that are in the distance that will come our way.

At times you may think you know a duck as soon as you see it. But, at the same time, if it's not acting like a duck then you may say; "this has no value". Do not do that.

Do not write it off and say, "Well, it is not quacking, so it is not a duck". Hey, you just might need your mental vision tweaked a little bit. You might be right on the verge of discovering something as slick as snot on a doorknob. You never know.

A Sitting Duck!

Now listen; we all have a tendency to see only what we want to see; and, to see mentally is to think. And, when you spend quality time thinking, you are exercising your mental capacity for vision and planning and preparing for the possibilities to come your way. Spending quality time thinking is a sure fire way to find out whether this duck is a quacker.

And, while you're thinking, ask yourself questions: lots of questions. This will definitely get your mental juices flowing and teach you how to think and decide whether your duck is going to start talking like a duck.

Ask all sorts of questions about the circumstances you're facing right now. This will show you how to exercise your mental nearsightedness.

A Man Of Many Words!

Ask yourself questions about how you will handle new opportunities when they present themselves; this will exercise your mental farsightedness. You have already faced enough opportunities to know how to ask yourself these questions.

Asking yourself or others questions about things you do not understand will exercise both your mental visions and reward you richly. And, you could make a great discovery. Who knows, maybe you will be the next guy to invent the next super super-duper pooper scooper.

Richard Vegas ©