Idiopathic Insomnia – Is it Really a Life Long Condition?

Idiopathic insomnia is a sleep disorder that begins in early childhood and continues in various degrees throughout the life of the patient. What makes ithis type of insomnia different from other classic forms of insomnia is the lack of a clear cause. Classic insomnia usually comes from stress, psychiatric issues, or other sleep related issues. Not so with idiopathic insomnia. As a matter of fact, scientists have yet to truly nail down a clear-cut cause. However, many agree that the culprit is most likely a chemical imbalance in the patient’s body, although there is no clear cut research available to prove this.

While there is no clear cause of this variety of sleeplessness, the symptoms are very clear. Difficulty getting to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, fatigue during the workday are common symptoms. The sleeper will most likely also suffer from mood swings as well as the inability to concentrate. What is truly unfortunate about the disease is the fact that the patient endures these symptoms night after night. In more common cases of insomnia, the condition is often associated with other lifestyle factors that can be altered to alleviate the sleeplessness. But again, with idiopathic insomnia, no such factors can be found.

What little research has been done on this ailment indicates that the problem is very rare. Only one percent of adults suffer from it and only 7/10ths of one percent of children are affected by it. This variety of insomnia doesn’t discriminate with regard to gender: idiopathic insomnia affects men and women with equal frequency. These facts cause sleep disorder specialists to lean towards genetics as a possible root cause.

As grim as this illness appears, Idiopathic insomniacs can manage their condition and live healthy and fruitful lives. They will often have to cope with day time fatigue and stress simply because they seldom get a full night’s sleep. They could also have problems paying attention along with mentally focusing. This is completely understandable. Their minds just do not get the rest their bodies need.

If you have had trouble sleeping ever since you were a child and cannot explain its causes, you may be suffering from this rare form of lifelong insomnia. Consult your doctor. Have a sleep study done by taking an overnight sleep test at a certified sleep center. If your condition is not as severe as some, there could be treatment options available. A physician specializing in sleep disorders may advise you to take some corrective action such as cognitive behavior therapy and other relaxation techniques to overcome your idiopathic insomnia.