Identifying Penis Rash: Petechaie


Why is it that a penal rash always seems to come along at the worst possible time? A guy is preparing for a big date, confident that some serious bedtime action is on the menu, and as he steps into the shower, he looks down and there it is: a visible penis rash that is likely to cause his date to shy away from intimate attentions. He may curse himself for not paying closer attention to his penis health, but the truth is that a rash can occur even when a man is a very strict penile hygienist. Sometimes the rash is not technically a rash, either; it may be something similar, such as petechaie.

When is a rash not a rash?

Technically, rash refers to a skin condition that is dermatological in origin or expression. That's not exactly the case with petechaie, although it presents as an abnormality on the surface of the skin.

Petechaie are round, flat, tiny little dots on the skin; they're often described as "pinpoint" because they are so small and look like what happens if one presses a pin into the skin. They tend to be red, purple or brown. Most of the time, when a person presses down on them, they retain their color (rather than temporarily fading).

Why do they show up if they're not a rash? Because they're really little bruises caused by bleeding. When petechaie is present, that means there's some bleeding going on underneath the skin.


That may sound frightening, but in fact there can be many reasons for this bleeding. While it is true that some of the reasons could indicate a rather serious problem, most of the time the cause is really rather minor and should not provoke anxiety or worry.

The dots on the skin are so small because the bleeding is occurring in the capillaries, which are themselves very small (and therefore do not contain a great deal of blood). Capillaries are kind of connective tubes; their purpose is to connect the arteries to the veins.

A man may wonder just what happens to make these little tubes burst and start leaking blood. Although this article is looking at petechaie in the penis, they can occur all over the body. Sometimes activities like coughing or training too hard can cause them, but that's rare in the penis.

Some medications, such as anticoagulants or penicillin, may bring these red dots around. So too can some infectious diseases, such as sepsis, mononucleosis, scarlet fever or cytomegalovirus.

But when dealing with the penis, the most common cause is usually trauma. And most of the time, that means handling the penis too rough. When a man is really "into" a sexual experience, whether with himself or with another person, he can easily get carried away. Death grips, unwanted sex, crushing too hard and other actions can cause the capillaries to burst.

Most ofen petechaie on the penal will resolve naturally. However, if the penal rash lingers or if there is pain associated with it, seeing a doctor is advised.

Petechaie is only one cause of a penal rash; often dry or unhealthy skin is the cause instead. Using a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help soothe the itching associated with common penis rashes and keep the skin healthier and less prone to rashing. The better crèmes will contain a combination of a high-end emollient (Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E), so that the duo can properly moisturize the skin and keep it from flaking and peeling. It also helps if the crème contains vitamin D, which is accredited for its role in fighting disease and supporting healthy cellular function.