IBS Health Cures Come After Knowing the Cause – The 5 Most Common Causes Explained!

To utilize the most effective IBS health cures or methods available, it is incredibly advantageous to start by identifying what is actually causing your irritable bowel syndrome! That makes sense right? Most people have no clue what the cause is. In this article I go over the top 5 major causes of irritable bowel syndrome for the majority of IBS health sufferers.

Remember, understanding the cause is a huge advantage no matter what strategy you choose to utilize! You are enabling yourself to maximize any IBS health cures according to your specific IBS health cure knowledge so you can fine tune and adapt methods just like a specialist would. This is much better than shooting in the dark like most doctors and patients do. Knowledge about whats happening is crucially and leads to full cures!

It can be extremely painful and frustrating to deal with IBS health symptoms. I know what it feels like to go through such pain and frustration. People with irritable bowel syndrome often report a mass of symptoms like stomach pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and cramps etc all rolled into one episode! This is enough to ruin anyone’s night! To have that happen repeatedly is enough to reduce the confidence of anyone’s personal, social and business life even drastically!

Because you experience all of these IBS health symptoms, it would be easy to assume that they are all caused the same way, right? This is false however. It is actually a combination of different things occurring in your stomach that each affect the other. In other words, what’s causing you to experience diarrhea may not be the same thing that’s causing your bloating and stomach cramps, so lets break down what is! As we go along make a mental note of what you are experiencing most and from there you will gain some insights into long term solutions and health cures.

#1 Overgrowth of Bacteria (small bowel bacterial overgrowth)

This is the number one cause of irritable bowel syndrome. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth happens when bad bacteria moves to the area where only the good bacteria should be, which is the small intestine, and the body starts fermenting the food you digest. This food is more commonly starches and sugars. The overproduction of gas is produced by bacteria that feed on the food that you’ve eaten. The symptom it causes is bloating or feeling full after meals.

#2 Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Do you have any of these that you are aware of? Food allergies or sensitivities cause inflammation as the stomach reacts to the food almost like a foreign object and becomes inflamed. This reaction and inflammation puts the digestive track in an irritable state that makes it more difficult for it to function properly. Food allergies can be caused by other symptoms and they can produce other causes. Sounds scary, but there are cures!

#3 Lack of digestive enzymes

Individuals in need of IBS health cures are often deficient in food enzymes. If Your struggles to break down the food it may feel like a pain or even prickly sensation. The food once leaving the body will often not look as it should. Some people become frustrated when they hear digestive enzymes will help if it doesn’t fully cure their problem. Adding enzymes to your diet is not an IBS health cure, it is simply a supplement that assists digestion. It is still very important however.

#4 parasites

Humans are actually made of many different things that are already living. Some of these things are good for us and some are bad. If a parasite is present, nausea and vomiting will occur more frequently. Do you experience this at all? Does it feel like you have a virus that hasn’t left? Don’t panic because we all have different aliments and this is not a sure sign that you have a parasite. Even if you do do have a parasite keep in mind they can usually be treated with antibiotics.

#5 Lack of healthy bacteria

There is a small cell lining or separation between the toxic parts of your stomach and the good parts. Not having enough healthy bacteria can result in acidic like pain and further irritable bowel syndrome issues will be triggered. If you are experiencing this difficulty it is important we find active ways to reinforce that thin cell lining. The lining is very important!