I Rolled My Ankle and it Popped! – Why You Need to Seriously Consider an Ankle Brace

Have you recently hurt your ankle?

Did it make a popping sound? Maybe, accompanied by pain and swelling?

1.) Why You Need To Read This Article

Ankle popping could be a sign that you have sprained your ankle. This is different that crepitus. If you have hurt your ankle then you need to face your pain and take action to help yourself move in the direction of healing. If this sounds at all like what is going on with you, then it is time to read on …

2.) Ankle Popping

Was the sound loud? There is may be a sign that you have ruptured one of the ligaments in your ankle joint. Obviously this is not optimal. There are different levels of ankle sprains, starting with a grade I sprain which is no so severe, and the range can actually go up to a grade III ankle sprain. This is the most severe type of ankle sprain and if this happens you need to take some steps to help yourself.

The term RICE exists for occasions like this. RICE refers to the acronym for "rest, ice, compression, and elevation." This can help you to reduce pain and swelling in the short term, but if you are looking for some long term options you will need to think about more than just the RICE method.

3.) Treatment Options Beyond RICE

One of the very best things you can do for an injured ankle, beyond the use of RICE is to use an ankle support. There are many online and you can actually get one without spending an "arm and a leg" to get one. – Some of the top benefits of support for your ankle would be:

A.) Ankle supports can help to reduce pain. This is something that people tell us almost the instant they put one on!

B.) Improvement of stability. If you have hurt your ankle and injured one of your ligaments then you will need to promote healing. Ankle braces can help to reduce movements that will either cause you pain, or further your injury. This is very important!

C.) Improve physical self-confidence. If you do not have to worry about your ankle sprain 24/7 then this will help ease your mind. Ankle supports are good for this reason!

* This is health information. Although we really believe in the benefits of ankle braces, you will need to remember to speak with your physician about medical advice.