I need New Hair Growth? What should I do?


A good question is how long will it take for my hair to grow about 5-6 inches?

Want new hair growth? Do you remember a time when you used to have long hair but then suddenly your hair growth stopped and you begun to have thinning hair?

There is hope because if you are like most people chances are you have probably stunted your growth and I will show you ways to get your hair back and grow hair.

If you are hair does not grow, chances are it is damaged .thanks to the use of commercial hair products and heat products you have put your hair slow growth!

.Understand that hair normally grows at a rate of 1/2 inch a month. In fact is far larger than this but that is the average. Average means you probably have a poor diet and use commercial hair products, so your hair is not growing at a fast rate

Even ½ inches a month may look like a lot when you think that you rarely see your hair growing

So if you want faster Hair growth just follow these simple tips.

1. Stop applying heat to your hair, minimize sun exposure, stop using blow dryers and heating irons and straighteners, curlers or even hairdryers.

2. Eat SUPER healthy foods, foods rich in protein and vitamins and minerals, these include leafy green vegetables and eggs and chicken, doing this will make your hair grows longer; it will also make it very strong and glossy
3.  Consume lots of h20 or water, it simply cleans your system and boost your immune system. Dehydration will cause hair loss

4. Give yourself a hair growth massage; massage your scalp at least 10 minutes a day to increase blood circulation and flow to the scalp
5. Lie on your back and raise your legs so blood flows to the scalp and head

6. For fast hair growth, stop using harmful sprays like hairspray because it poisons your scalp and stunts hair growth
7. Limit the amount of chlorine exposure and if you do swim wash you hair fast afterwards

8. Take a cold shower once it a while, stop taking hot showers-they will damage your hair and will prevent new hair from growing

9. To GROW NEW Hair is sure you don’t tie your hair up with any rubber bands as it will pull and destroy hair.
10. Try to wash your hair once every 2 days because you need the natural hair oils to do their work on your scalp

11. For new hair growth be sure to use Mira hair oil, it will detoxify, your scalp, unclog hair pores and allow fast hair growth