I Have Blood In My Urine!

1) What is urology?

Urology is referred to to be surgical importance that is connected with urinary tract ailments of both the sexes and diseases related to male reproductive organisms. Even though it is recognized to be of surgical significance, a thorough knowledge in all the fields is required including that of pediatrics, internal medicine, and gynecology as well as other areas of expertise. This is of great importance for an urologist due to the immense array of problems faced by people in connection to this all across the globe.

Taking this seriously, the American Urological Association has found seven areas that can be considered as the subspecialty ones and they include:
1. Pediatric Urology
2. Renal Transplantation
3. Urologic Oncology (better known as cancer)
4. Calculi (better known as urinary tract stones)
5. Male Infertility
6. Neurology
7. Female Urology

Bladder Surgery

2) Who needs a surgery on bladder?

Surgery on a bladder is opt for patients suffering from incontinence or bladder cancer. The urine flow may be blocked due to the pressure carried by the tumors on urethra. In such patients, bladder surgery is the only option left to eliminate any kind of cancer growth and thus restore the bladder to normal functioning. There are many reasons for incontinence and the stress applied over the abdomen due to various reasons like coughing, sneezing, bending over or even laughing can result in urine discharge involuntarily. Women are intolerable to stress incontinence than men with the ratio of 2: 1. A few treatment choices include exercises; estrogen therapy, absorbent clothing and even protective covering can be of great help. When it comes to men, incontinence is caused due to bladder stones or enlarged prostate gland. Bladder surgery is often considered as the last option when all the other options fail. There are four major preferences for bladder surgery and they include urethral sling, retro pubic suspension, artificial urinary sphincter and bladder stone removal.

3) Which are the best hospitals offering such procedures?

There are plenty of hospitals offering best services for urology procedures and according to US News ranking, more than 1500 hospitals for listed for the same. The hospitals were included only if they were experts in treating complicated cases with a certain minimum number of at least 69 in patients treated with the greatest skills during a particular period. Here are the top 5 hospitals you can approach offering the best urology procedures:

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital located in Baltimore, MD ranks first among the best urology specialist hospitals apart from obtaining top grades in ear, nose, throat, neurology, psychiatry and lot more.
2. Cleveland Clinic located in Cleveland, OH ranks second with great nursing staffs and taking the top scores in gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, heart surgery etc.
3. Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, MN grabs the third place with a strong reputation attained from the specialists with its main focus on diabetes, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology etc.
4. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center located in Los Angeles, CA is placed in the 4th position with the number of beds to be 456 and specializing in other fields like geriatrics and ophthalmology other than urology.
5. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center located in New York, NY serves the 5th place with 434 beds and specializing in cancer and pediatrics cancer other than urology.