I Broke Up With Her and Regret It – How to Win Her Back After Breaking Her Heart

Every morning you wake up with the same realization. “I broke up with her and regret it,” is the first thing that pops into your mind. Regardless of how hard you try you can’t get the image of her crying over the break up out of your mind. You wish with everything you could take back those words so you two would be back together again. Sadly, life doesn’t have a rewind button for instances like this when you mess up catastrophically. There is a way for you to soften the memory of that day enough that she’ll forgive you and consider getting back with you.

As uncomplicated as it sounds, an apology has to be your first step if you want to get her to want you back. This shouldn’t be a major production number. There’s no need for any gifts and don’t stop off at the local florist’s shop on your way to see your ex girlfriend. It’s easy to forget the depth of the power of saying “I’m sorry” to someone you’ve hurt. She really needs to hear those words from you and if you’re intent on being with her again, you have to say them with meaning. Making amends and moving forward begins with telling her you regret what happened.

She’s going to remain a little cold and distant for awhile. Just because you apologized, don’t expect her to run back to you with open arms. That’s not going to happen. You have to continue to prove to her that you truly do care for her and that you regret your decision to hurt her.

Your focus at the moment is on being her boyfriend again. It’s your ultimate goal but right now you have to start viewing this as a small steps kind of journey. Over time you’ll get closer to her by taking little, yet important steps, that will show her she can trust you with her heart.

A good example of this is to call her every couple of weeks. Don’t launch into an emotional speech about all your past regrets. That’s what your apology was for. Instead, ask about her life. Find out what’s going on with her and be engaged in the conversation. Your interest will show her that you genuinely care for her whether or not you two are together. One exception when you do call her is to not ask about her dating status. For right now that’s none of your business.

Meeting her for coffee is another great way to keep the lines of communication open while you re-establish yourself as someone positive and necessary in her life. Always be friendly and focus all your attention on her. You don’t want to be responding to text messages or phone calls when you’re with her. This suggests that you don’t value her as much as whoever is on the phone.

By remaining someone she can turn to for emotional support in her life, you’re guaranteeing that she’ll begin to see you the way she used to. Patience is your best friend if you want to get your girl back so draw on all that you have.