Humor Therapy Against Depression

It’s not easy to have sense of humor if we have to face so many problems everyday… However, one has to cultivate it exactly because we live in a crazy world full of mistakes that stress us continuously.

Humor can mean the indifference one has to the horrors of this world or one’s satisfaction with immoral fantasies, which are harmful because indifference is a psychic disease since the person is disconnected with the painful reality they observe and immorality has tragic consequences that provoke craziness, terror and despair.

Many people laugh when someone falls in the street or is in a horrible situation, but in this case, their reaction means that they are indifferent to other people’s pain. This cold and cruel reaction indicates psychic insensitivity.

However, humor has a positive meaning when it means indifference to bad situations and when it comes from funny images that have a cute aspect. When we see a baby trying to do something like an adult we can only laugh at the child’s attempts that are graceful even though it fails in doing what it wants.

Those that have to use their humor in order to face the bad side of everyone in our crazy world or to show patience in front of human problems need irony, the best tool for these cases. Instead of complaining about the rude way they are treated for example, they make fun of their aggressor’s “style,” thus showing their indifference to the aggression and putting an end to this story, instead of arguing about it and creating many more problems by causing a fight and much sadness.

Humor means having a good spirit when faced with problems provoked by others, since it means forgiveness and an attempt to give a positive spin to the sad situation.

However, depressed people are not able to develop their humor because their psychic problems prevent them from relaxing and having the desire to laugh. For them, it is impossible to see anything funny anywhere, because they are suffering and their constant pain is always hurting them.

They can find relief and psychotherapy in their dreams’ messages, that can cure their  depression  and help them develop their humor, so that they’ll be able to use this tool when facing several problems or simply as a way to relax and feel happy for a moment. Without psychotherapy their humor cannot function; nothing is funny for them.

Nevertheless, when they solve their basic psychic problems, instead of complaining for everything and hating their enemies, humor starts helping them add a color and shine to their simple daily moments of life, as well as having a philosophy of life that is always forgiving and always looking for peace and joy.