HPV Treatment

Human Papilloma Virus is a dangerous virus that can cause cervical cancer in women and penile or anal cancer in men. But not all these viruses cause cancer because there are more than a hundred types of HPV and about forty affects the genitals of both men and women. This virus does most harm on women. The infections caused by this virus are some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). All these infections of HPV don’t lead to serious situations but in fact most of them go unnoticed. But the rest show symptoms and gives an ugly feeling on the person. There is no cure for HPV but there are treatments available. And most of the time the infection heals by itself.

It is necessary to first confirm that the HPV is working inside your body before taking any treatment. The doctor will do careful different examinations and tests to confirm. Then the doctor will decide which HPV treatment to use. Here are some HPV treatments:

o Don’t do anything but just wait and see. Watch and see if the infections are healing o their own.

o Cryotherapy: this is the method of freezing the abnormal cells using liquid nitrogen.

o Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP): this is the method of removing the cells using electric current.

o Conventional surgery can also be done to remove the tissues.

o There are medicines available with the doctor or even at the medical stores which give effective treatment.

o Laser surgery can also be done in some cases. Conization is the process of removing the cells using laser of knife.

These treatments are not for HPV but are just for removing the abnormal tissues fro the body. There are no treatments for HPV. These above treatments shouldn’t be done by pregnant women because it may harm the baby and even cause still-births or miscarriages. In some cases the mother passes HPV to the baby but this is also not usual.

Two vaccines have been developed for women to protect them from cervical cancer and genital warts. These have to be taken three times and best before the girl becomes sexually active. So far no vaccines is available for men.

The best solution to treat HPV is to stay away from the virus. Take precautions so that you might not get the virus and in case you already got the virus then make sure that you do all possible things to keep your body strong enough to fight the virus.

o Avoiding sex while the warts or lesions are showing is a must. Otherwise also you have to use protection while having intercourse.

o Lessening the consumption of alcohol and tobacco will help considerable.

o Always go for check ups. One check up is not enough. Keep close to the doctor.

o Eat a proper diet rich in folic acid and vitamins.