How Your Body Reacts to Acid and Alkaline in the Blood


Many people do not realize this but the types of food that an individual consumes can really play a significant role on how acidic or alkaline the blood is to a certain point. Too much of either can really cause a person to need medical treatment and if things get too bad death can even occur.

It is not like your blood will turn very acidic from drinking too much coffee which is obviously a lot more acidic than water but it is still important when dieting to put factors like this into consideration. Your body measures PH levels in the blood ranged from 7.35 to 7.45. Less or more can put a person in a coma or cause death. Do not worry because your body is constantly working without you knowing to compensate if those numbers tend to move too much in either direction. If your blood PH levels starts to head into the direction of below 7.35 this will result in something called acidosis which if it falls below 7.0 it could quickly result in coma or death. Acidic types of foods could be a cup of coffee or a can of soda.

If your blood goes above 7.45 it causes a reverse reaction from a drop where your bodies senses and nerves become very excited triggering uncontrollable muscle spasms and nervousness. PH levels in food usually have a range from 1-14. That cup of coffee or can soda has about a PH level of 3. As important that it is to make sure these levels do not exceed these limits it is almost impossible to avoid foods that have them considering almost every piece of food you put into your mouth as alkaline or acidic qualities in it.

Most fruits and vegetables have alkaline and most grains and processed foods have acids in them so it is virtually impossible to stay away but you do not needlessly need to stay away because most foods that have these in them are also very vital and healthy for your body . Too much of anything is a bad thing these day so it is important to include a healthy mix of both types of foods into your daily diet. If you do however focus generally on one side of the spectrum it is important to even things out to create a balance of what your body is consuming.