How You Perform Exercises to Get Taller

You may not realize that you can grow taller by performing certain exercises. Taller height is a goal you can achieve through exercise. You’ll discover what exercises you can perform to grow. Plus you’ll learn how they help you grow taller.

The first and best types of exercises for growing taller are hanging exercises. These are exercises performed with a horizontal bar. The benefit of hanging is it reverses the compression of your bones and spine caused by gravity. Hanging causes your skeleton to extend, creating tiny fractures at the end of your bones. This is similar to how resistance training creates tears in the muscle fibers. Your body will repair the damage by filling the gaps, adding new bone mass and lengthening your bones. In addition, the cartilage material within your spine will stretch, repair and grow.

You will want to be able to hang freely, so select a bar high enough that you completely relax and hang off the ground. You may bend at your knees if the bar is not high enough. You should grasp the bar in an overhand grip, with your arms directly overhead at shoulder width. You will want to hang as long as you can, at least twenty seconds. Repeat the hanging exercise three times.

Pull ups are an exercise you can perform while hanging. Pulls up are great for your back, neck, shoulders and biceps. But, you also perform them while handing from a horizontal bar. Why not combine hanging with pull ups and get the benefits of both? High intensity exercises like resistance training have been shown in medical studies to increase levels of Human Growth Hormone. HGH is a hormone your body uses to induce growth. Exercise induced HGH is released into your bloodstream as a result of lactic acid and nitric oxide. Both of these are produced when resistance training. Therefore the pull up becomes the best exercise, taller by both hanging and resistance training.

Your may perform the exercise with an over or under hand grip. However, the under hand grip places more load on the arms and biceps, so you’ll probably want to do over hand. The width of your grip may vary, and it’s a good idea to change your grip periodically. You slowly pull yourself up to the bar. You may bring you hear in front of the bar leaning your head forward until you touch the bar with the back of your neck. Alternatively, a chin up involves bringing your head up behind the bar to a point where you chin is above the bar. Slowly return to the hanging position and repeat as many times as possible.

You must maintain at least 10 minutes of great intensity exercise in order to build enough lactic acid in your muscles to activate the release of human growth hormone. Lactic acid is the substance that causes muscle soreness, so you can use that as an indicator. You will probably need to additional exercises to pull ups to achieve 10 minutes of exercise.

Another exercise that can be performed while hanging is knee ups. While hanging, you breathe out and pull your knees up to your chest. Then you inhale and lower your legs. This exercise works the abdominal muscles, but also stretches the bottom portion of your spine.

Finally, you can perform stretching exercises to lengthen the spine. The hamstring muscle in the back of the leg will pull on the spine if it is tight, likely increasing the curvature of the spine. Loosening the hamstrings can improve your posture and reduce spinal curvature. You can stretch the hamstring by performing exercises like touching your toes or hurdler stretches.

A hurdler stretch is performed in a seated position. Straighten one leg, and bend the other placing the foot on alongside the knee of the straight leg. With both hands, lean forward to grasp the toes of the straight leg. Reverse your leg positions and repeat the exercise.