How You Can Care For Dogs With Food Poisoning

Dogs make good pets – but they can be challenging to hold back at certain times. In fact they are a little bit like kids. You turn your back for just one bit and they are pouncing on food that is sitting out and imploring for them to take it. Alas not all human solid food is non-poisonous for dogs. There are numerous other varieties that can poison your dog.


The leaves, seeds, and fruit from the avocado are made up of a toxic substance identified as Persin. Most of this type of food that you purchase from the stores can contain this detrimental toxin that can poison your dog. However, if you are buying the dog food from a well known company that carries avocado it might be sound.


Fish might look flavorful to pups – but it is something that they need to stay away from. Salmon poisoning can take place in dogs when they eat any type of fish raw.


When a dog consumes caffeine they will have tremors, seizures, and heart arrhythmia. You need to call your emergency veterinarian as soon as possible if you saw the dog consume it. The symptoms can range from moderate to intense. When they are severe your vet will induce vomiting to take it out of their system.


Chocolate looks wonderful for anyone and anything – but for dogs it can be toxic. Mild symptoms in dogs that take chocolate is vomiting and diarrhea. Severe cases can lead to vomiting and heart arrhythmias. Most of the time these dog poisoning symptoms will depend on how big or little the dog is. The worst type of chocolate for them to take in is unsweetened chocolate. Call your vet straightaway if they have eaten any.

Alcohol Poisoning

In the films we see people giving brandy, beer, or other alcoholic drinks to their dogs – but this is a very bad idea. The symptoms of this dog poisoning include weakness, staggering, and depression.