How Tonsils Can Cause Bad Breath


Bad breath can have its origin in many things It could come from improper dental hygiene, gum diseases, problem with nasal passages or even indigestion and constipation.

A possible source of this embarrassing condition is the tonsils. Hardly ever noticed, the tonsils sits t the back of the throat and would hardly require any attention until something is wrong.

The tonsils could develop tonsillitis.This could be an inflammation or an infection. In the case of the tonsils, the bacteria causing an infection is usually streptococcus pyogenes. It can inflame and make the tonsils produce pus. The pus is the source of foul, unpleasant smell.


It is also known as strep throat. In strep throat, infected tonsils has an inflammation. Due to this condition, the tonsils produces pockets of pus in the crypts of the tonsils; this causes an extremely sore throat. Usually, the sufferer also has fever. You can hardly swallow (even your own saliva), let alone anything else.

Tonsils can be affected and it might not produce pus. It is when it produces pus that it also produces bad breath, and this happens only in strep throat.

Studies would indicate that a build up of bacteria has invaded and settled on the tonsils. The product is usually yellowish and whitish coloured lumps on the tonsils. The pus produced drips to the back of the throat.

If the formed pockets of pus is left untreated, the bad breath produced may become chronic.

The bacteria at work in strep throat are not the anaerobic bacteria which are the usual common cause of bad breath. The product of anaerobic bacteria are volatile sulphur compounds which smells like rotten egg. The smell from tonsillitis is like rotten meat.

The nature of tonsils-bad-breath. is that it cannot be treated with simple oral hygiene. In the first place, if the pus produced in strep throat remains untreated, it can lead to an infection on the tonsils. As is always the case in medical conditions, one thing can usually lead to another. If what you have appears to be tonsillitis, see your doctor. The symptoms are clear and a shot of antibiotics over a few days may be all that is needed. For some medical reasons, some people appear prone to the illness.