How to Win Back an Aquarius Man – Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The question you’re frantically searching for an answer to is how to win back an Aquarius man. It’s been hard since the break up, hasn’t it? Try as you might you just haven’t been able to move forward without him. You think about him constantly and you feel a nagging sense of panic about him meeting and falling in love with someone else. That’s all understandable given how much you still love him. Life is short and love is rare so when you find it, you really do need to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. You already know that the two of you are destined to be together. With the right insight and approach you can make him feel that too.

Understanding how to win back an Aquarius man begins with recognizing that at his core is his kind heart. That heart can be bruised easily and as such it’s important that you make the effort to undo any damage to it that may have happened during the break up. We all say things in anger and frustration that we don’t mean. If you’ve done this with your guy, now is the time to make amends. You have to apologize to him and it needs to be done in a very specific way. Pick a time when you know he won’t be distracted then call him up and sincerely say you’re sorry. He needs to hear this from you before he can open his heart back up again.

You must stay composed and appear mature when you are trying to get him interested in you again. Learning how to win back an Aquarius man involves showing him that you’re not emotionally unwrought. One big turn off for men born under this sign is a woman who is compulsive and out of control. If he’s constantly presented with an ex girlfriend who is crying and pleading with him, he’ll pull back so far that the relationship will have absolutely no chance of being repaired. If you feel the overwhelming need to cry over the break up, do it in private. You do not want him to see that part of you.

These men value friendship above anything else. They are fiercely loyal to their friends and feel a close bond with them. That’s why one effective way to get back an Aquarius man is to become his friend. You’ll have to compartmentalize your feelings in order to do this though. You need to push aside all your feelings of love and longing in order to show him that you can and want to be a platonic and supportive friend to him. You can do that if you just keep reminding yourself that once the friendship is established and you’ve nurtured it to the point where he feels close to you again, he’ll start to see you as more and all those feelings of desire and love will rush over him.