How to Win a Capricorn Man – Ways to Capture and Keep His Heart

The question of how to win a Capricorn man is one that many women wish they had an answer to. It’s easy to understand why that is. Capricorn men are confident, self controlled and driven towards success. They are fiercely loyal when they do fall in love and because they are realists you know that you’re not going to spend your life with a man who is living with his head in the clouds. Winning the heart of a man born under this sign isn’t the easiest task. Once a woman has a thorough understanding of what this type of man finds irresistible, she can ensure she becomes the woman of his dreams.

Learning how to win a Capricorn man begins with recognizing that patience is the key. Men born during late December through mid-January are not the type to fall in love at first sight. They pace themselves when it comes to love and won’t hand their heart over to a woman unless they’re certain she’ll take good care of it. Don’t pressure a man like this into any type of commitment, be it big or small. Allow him to set the tone of the relationship and follow his lead.

Supporting him and his dreams and goals is essential if you want to attract a Capricorn man. Don’t belittle what he wants to do with his life even if you don’t think it’s something he should be pursuing. Men like this are notorious for being very successful, sometimes at out of the box careers. You also need to ensure that he knows each day how much you appreciate and value him as a part of your life. It’s important that he really feels that if you want him to fall deeply in love with you as well.

Last but not least is to always be mindful of the fact that Capricorn men place a very high value on their families. This not only includes their future wife and children, but their current family members as well. Be respectful of his parents and siblings. Be prepared to spend time with them as he’ll want to. You can lose his interest very quickly if you don’t appreciate and recognize how much those closest to him mean to him. Never allow yourself to be jealous of his love for his family as this can cost you any future with him that you may have had.

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