How to Wear High Heels Healthily

A majority of women like high heels but some of them might be wearing heels in the wrong way. The following tips will help you understand how to wear them healthily and avoid potential problems.

First, do not wear high heels of the same height all the time. If you have this tendency, be noted to get rid of it. The reason is that, wearing heels of the same height for a long time will impose pressure on the same parts of your feet and eventually induce disease as time passes by.

Second, try bending your feet before stretching them when sitting down. This method will enable you to relax your feet if you maintain this posture for thirty minutes.

Third, remember to hold your chin up right when wearing high heeled shoes to build an elegant body figure. One should not wear this kind of shoes to climb mountain or go shopping because the pain will be profound and enduring. In addition, it is easy to stumble when walking too fast in high heeled shoes.

Fourth, massage your feet occasionally to relief them from the fatigue and pain.

Fifth, be informed of the occasion when selecting shoes. Some heeled shoes such as high heel wadge shoes are designed for special occasions such as prom, weddings and parties.

Sixth, you are suggested to constantly move your heels backward to make enough room for your toes. Excessive force on your toes will lead to foot disease.

Seventh, make sure that your newly bought shoes are tight rather than loose. Loose heels will expose you to sprain and other dangers. Besides, it is very uncomfortable to wear loose heels.

Eighth, the height of the heels should not exceed six centimeters. Furthermore, the heels should not be too slim or else it will not be able to support the wearer stably. Women who walk frequently are advised to have a pair of comfortable flats prepared so that they can relax their feet anytime they want.

Ninth, if the height of the heels you frequently wear exceeds eight centimeters, the gravity center of your body will move up when you are walking. It is indicated by some researchers that women wear heels more than eight centimeters are more likely to experience nervous headache and higher retinal pressure. The solution is to eat more vegetables rich in Vitamin A to provide adequate nutrition for the eyes.

Tenth, the quality of the high heels is more important than the style because heels of excellent quality are believed to be less harmful to the feet.

The above mentioned tips are hoped to enable women to access both beauty and health.