How To Use Rooibos Tea To Cure Candida Naturally

Rooibos tea is a very good herbal tea for the natural cure of Candida infections due to its very strong boosting effect s on the immune system.

This tea is also known as Red bush tea and it is highly recommended that you add this tea to your nutritious Candida diet. This tea originated from South Africa where it has been in use for over 1000 years as a medicinal drink.

Rooibos tea is oxidised from the Rooibos tea leaves and it is not fermented from the leaves as some people erroneously believe.

This tea comes in two varieties:

-The common reddish brown type

-The not so common green type which is made from un-oxidised Rooibos tea leaves.

Apart from its healing effects on Candida, it also has the following medicinal effects:

-It helps to relieve stress and inner tension

-It helps to relieve allergies

-It aids in the relief of digestive problems

-It has potent anti-oxidant properties

How can you prepare this tea?

-You can prepare it like you prepare normal tea by adding water to it; however you need not add milk to it.

-Do not add sugar or any artificial sweetener to it; it has its own natural sweet taste.

-You could also add a slice of fresh lemon to the tea.

-This tea can be served as an expresso drink; you can take the highly concentrated form with little water as Rooibos expresso. This expresso tea is gradually becoming popular and more available in gourmet coffee shops around the world.

-You can add hot water to this tea and serve it as a hot tea.

-You must however make sure that you buy Rooibos from a trusted source and you must check the ingredients of the tea to make sure that it is actually 100% Rooibos.

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