How To Use Planer Boards

Planer boards are basically fancy pieces of plastic or foam, but the concept and the design is ingenious.

What this device does is take the bait out away from the side of the boat, and this is great for many reasons. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • It is naturally really important to keep the boat moving when trolling. The boat scares away fish, and if you run the baits out the back, it is just not as effective as if you were able to do it to the side.
  • Planer boards allow you to have multiple lines out at the same time, never sunning the risk of entanglement.
  • It is really easy to let the line out, with utmost precision, and without ever needing to cast.
  • They place your bait or lure out at a controlled distance, and controlled depth, to the side of the boat. This allows you to fish where your boat cannot go, but where the fish are hiding.
  • Planer boards are not only for trolling. Anywhere that there is a current, you will have control over placing your bait right where the fish are.

Planer boards are rectangular in shape and come in various sizes. They have an angled at the edge, and when you troll this what cuts the water and pushes it off to the side. You will be able to place your lures, or live bait, as far as 150 feet or more from the boat’s side, at different depths. A good planer board will be able to carry most varieties of jigs and lures in many water conditions. Use it to troll a variety of spoons, crank baits, spinners, etc.

Many planer boards have a little flag or glow stick attachment, which will let you know when you have a fish on, day or night. The board will jerk back, and at this point you can start a slow and steady retrieve. Usually the fish will hook themselves, reel in until you can take the board off and then continue reeling like normal for the remainder of the line.

The amount of line you place between the board and the bait depends on which jig or lure you are using. For lures that dive, it all depends how deep you want them to go. For weighted rigs that hang straight down, it will depend on where you are fishing.

So to wrap things up, if you have ever seen or heard about planer boards and wondered what they were for, now you know. Using this simple, yet handy, tool will give you a real edge. Take it along on your next fishing trip, and enjoy a new method and hopefully great success.