How To Turn Your Computer Into A Free Phone

Well you can now!

I remember when my older brother was an exchange student back in the early 70’s. He went to the United States for a year and back in Denmark, we – his family, were always waiting for letters to hear, how he got along. The thought of just picking up the phone and calling across the Atlantic Sea was almost without reach for anybody else than the very well off.

We did call him once and paid a fortune for only 3 minutes. Those days are over. Thanks to technological breakthroughs anyone can make long lasting international calls for free or for very little money.

You can turn your computer into a free telephone simply by downloading the right software, and buy a headset with microphone which you can get for less than € 10. And then you are ready to go…

If you don’t want to be tied to the computer with a headset – get yourself a wireless internet phone or a wireless headset. It cost a little more, but it means you can curl up in the sofa while you are telling your friend in “Far-Far-Away” all about your new lover.

Calling everybody for free from your computer is still not possible – as the person you want to call will have to have downloaded the same software as you. And even though you might persuade your friends and family to do so – there will still be a lot out there, that haven’t got the required software. That’s not a problem. You can still call their landlines or mobiles with a calling plan and you can even buy an online phone number so everybody can call your computer from their landlines or mobiles.

There are many providers available and many different calling plans and you will have to sort out your calling needs before you choose what works best for you.

I am Danish, living in Spain – with family and friend in Denmark and the UK, so I have combined two calling plans.

I have one plan that allows me to call landlines in 20 different countries in Europe at any time and for as long as I like for only € 4.95 per month. To cover the rest, which in my case means mobile phones and occasional calls to countries outside of Europe, I buy credit. I top up my credit with € 10 at a time and most of the time my entire calling needs are covered for € 14.95 a month.