How to Triple Your Money With Growth Penny Stocks


Even if you've never enacted a trade your life, now is a great time to begin investing. Many stocks are beginning to see some life come back and now that our recession is officially grinding to a halt, there is a great deal of money to be made on the right picks and growth penny stocks.

If you've been interested in but investing for some time now but were always worried about the risk associated with it, using a program to do all of the analytical work for you like the more experienced traders is a great way to get started. Here is what to know about this technology and how you can triple your investments with growth penny stocks.

The first thing I want to note about a stock program is how it works to find profitable growth penny stocks picks, for example. A stock program delivers profitable stock picks by comparing trends of the past to current real time market data. This is how experts anticipate market behavior, as well, or by comparing profitable trends of the past to current real-time data and finding similarities between the two as often times the real time market data will be similar.

The stock market as a whole travels in patterns repeat themselves every so often is why we go in and out of stock recessions and depressions like clockwork every several years. By looking at where the market has been then you can put together a remarkably accurate depiction of where it will go next and trade accordingly on those stocks.

I'm also big into stock programs which only target growth penny stocks as I've hinted to a few times earlier in this article. Penny stocks are those which can be bought for pennies a share and are the cheapest investments in the market.

A lot of times you'll see a growth penny stock quickly jump in value with little trading influence because of its cheaper prices, as well. Using a program specifically designed to target and find growth penny stocks, you can differentiate between what stocks are set to jump in which are set to fall and trade accordingly to make a big profit in the short term without the risk.

For example, with the growth penny stocks targeting program I've been using as of late, the very first pick which was generated for me was valued at $ .18 a share. I bought one thousand shares for around $ 180 using my online trading account and logged out after that.

Without even exaggerating, I checked back in on that stock several hours later to be blown away to find that it had already leaped to $ .37 a share, more than doubling in value over the course of less than a day.

Some stocks act with that much volatility where others take more time to climb I've found. This one continue to climb over the next day, finally temporarily topping off at $ 57. a share at which point I got out. I recommend that you save some of the money that you make from a stock trade program, at least some of it to reinvest in subsequent picks as this makes for a great system continuous system.