How To Treat Toenail Fungus Infections At Home

Treating toenail fungal infections can be an expensive affair that may include taking of different over-the-counter drugs, using anti fungal creams and even surgery. These treatments are made to work in removing the fungi from the toenail and clearing off the infection. However, there are several other ways to treat this toenail fungus, including a wide array of home remedies. These remedies make it possible to control the spread of these fungi and to cure it fully in the long run.

Some of these remedies include;

Soaking your feet in vinegar; Kitchen vinegar is used by many patients to inhibit the growth of fungal infections in the nails. The acidic contents of the vinegar kill the living micro organisms in the toes and restrict them from further growth and spreading. Patients are advised to soak their feet for between 15 and 20 minutes daily. The recommended ratio of vinegar to water is 1:2. It is important to rinse your feet well after soaking them in any acidic substance as it may eat away the skin around the foot. Dry your feet properly and leave uncovered for several minutes before sleeping or wearing shoes. In people who get irritations from the effect of vinegar on their already sensitive feet, it is recommended that they soak their feet only twice or thrice a week.

Vicks vapor rub ointment; This ointment has been used by many people who suffer from this condition. It causes a slight irritation around the infected area then leaves a soothing sensation. It has been proven to somewhat inhibit further growth of toenail fungus, but not cure it fully. However, it is advised that before you use this remedy, you consult with your doctor.

Australian tea tree oil; Application of this tree extract on the infected area of the toenail is known to reduce the effects of fungi on the toenail. It is also known to kill the already living microorganisms within the nail bed.

Grape fruit seed extract; Grape fruit seed extract is acidic in content. The acid in the seeds is applied on the infected area at least twice a day or less frequently depending on the effects it has on the patient.

All the above mentioned remedies have proven to be helpful and in some cases, have even cured the ailment. However, all these home remedies should be accompanied by a whole lifestyle change. This change will reduce exposure to risk factors that increase the likely hood of recurrence even after treatment.

Some of these risk factors that can be avoided during the period of treatment include;

Applying nail polish on affected nails; Nail polish makes it harder to identify the infected areas of the nail and the areas that need immediate attention. It also gives the fungi an adequate environment to thrive and multiply increasing the rate of infection.

Wearing closed shoes in hot areas; The daily routine of wearing closed shoes while going to and during work is another risk factor that should be avoided during and after the period of treatment.

Poor foot hygiene; It is important to pay attention to your feet at all times especially after long hours in shoes and socks. Check your feet regularly and dry them before and after being in shoes for a long time.