How To Treat Toe Nail Fungus Disease

There are various treatment options available to treat nail diseases. There are both topical and oral treatments that have been successfully used. While there are prescription medications that can be prescribed to nail infections most people prefer a more natural approach to avoid unpleant side effects.
The type of treatment you choose will depend on the severity of the infection and your personal preferences. Some of the home remedies for nail disease common common household items like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or Vapor Rub.

Vinegar can be used as soak for at least thirty minutes a day. The acidity of the vinegar relieves the itchiness associated with nail fungus. Any type of vinegar may be used, but most people soak the affected in nail in white vinegar. Some people add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the soaking solution.
Some people recommend taking two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar twice a day to help treat the nail fungus infection from the inside out. Some say that the vinegar remedy is most effective if it is applied directly to the affected nail.

Vapor Rub helps by penetrating the nail bed with soothing oils and menthol. Vapor Rub is inexpensive and it is safe to use several times a day.

The important thing to remember about the home remedies listed above is that they will take several months to fully cure the fungus. People who choose the remedies have to be patient.
Do not overlook the importance of a healthy diet when you are treating your nail disease. Make sure you drink plenty of water to rid your body of toxins and include foods that contain generous amounts of calcium, protein and zinc. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at every meal as well as whole grains. Limit the amount of sugar in your diet and try to stay away from processed foods. Stop drinking sugary sodas and replace them with water, fruit juice and low fat milk. A healthy diet will take you a long way towards successful treatment of nail disease.

Some people find that their symptoms improve when they eat yogurt daily for take acidophilus capsules. Food supplements containing vitamins B, C, D and E may also be helpful. Zinc is another substance that can boost the immune system and help heal nail fungus infections.
If your nail fungus symptoms linger or worsen, you should see your doctor about the best way to treat your nail fungus disease.


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