How to Treat Thrush?

How to treat thrush is a question asked by anyone that is suffering from the misery of an oral yeast infection. Symptoms of oral thrush include the existence of a white creamy path on the inside of the mouth – extending into the throat. You may also have red splotchy spots on the gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth. Another name for thrush is ‘candidiasis’. This article will discuss some remedies for treating thrush.

Note that it important to have a candida infection diagnosed by a doctor to ensure that the symptoms do not indicate another illness or medical condition. Also – if thrush is left untreated – it is possible for it to travel to other parts of your body – potentially causing a systemic yeast infection which can cause damage to the internal organs of the body.

How to treat thrush with apple cider vinegar Put one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a half cup of warm water. Use this solution as a mouthwash – gargle for about 2 minutes 4 times per day. Take special care not to use regular vinegar as the sugar content is too high (and consuming sugar is a bad idea when trying to rid your body of a yeast infection).

Get Rid of thrush with a change in diet Cut out sugar and carbs from your diet. When you eat carbs or sugar, they raise the blood sugar levels in the body. Since yeast thrive on sugar – if you cut off the sugar supply, you will see yeast levels in the body reduce.

How to treat thrush with yogurt or acidophilusTaking acidophilus pills and eating yogurt are good at getting rid of yeast. Yogurt contains the live acidophilus culture which helps to rebalance yeast levels in the body. There are also acidophilus pills that can be taken orally. Another way to take the acidophilus pills is to break open 2 capsules and mix the contents with one tablespoon of orange juice.