How to Treat Thrush Symptoms


Finding the right treatment for thrush infections depends on where on your body you find the thrush symptoms. The one that infects the vagina is called a candida yeast infection while the one that affects the mouth is called an oral thrush. These types of infections, however, have the same causes and that is, fungal infection.

When you see thrush symptoms in either of these body parts, you can actually just treat them the same way you would treat a yeast infection. Make sure, though, that you start treating them as soon as you see the symptoms, because the situation could worsen if you do not take quick action. If you find symptoms of thrush in your mouth but do not do anything about it, it could soon infect other parts near the mouth such as the tongue and the inner cheeks. This could even go at a rapid pace especially if the person infected has a weak immune system.

Usually, thrush symptoms are treated using antifungal lozenges or a mouthwash that the doctor would prescribe. If it does not do the trick, the doctor will probably give you a stronger medication. Thrush infection that has spread in some body parts will be recommended ketoconazole or fluconazole. However, there is actually a more natural way into treating the infection. One may eat natural yogurt especially when the infection is still in a mild stage. Since thrush is developed when the natural fungus in the area is not balanced, yogurt could assist in restoring the normal condition.

Surely, you can get rid of thrush symptoms right away, if you take the right measures to do so. It is up to you whether you choose medications or natural ways, just make sure you start with them right away, so as to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.