How to Treat Throat Thrush

While there is much literature out there about vaginal thrush, there is not much about other kinds of thrush. Throat thrush is one such type and is a form of thrush which occurs in the throat.

The symptoms of this disease are:
an uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat
white spots which you may be able to observe by looking into a mirror

However, because of the positioning it can be difficult to determine what might be causing this sensation. If you happen to scrape the small white spots you will find that they may bleed or weep, which can make it diificial to eat certain hard foods which may cause a scratching sensation.

The candida fungus is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact half the population harbor the fungus in their body, it is during an imbalance in their body, which may be due to stress, sickness or illness, that the fungus becomes overgrown and the problems can remark.

There are very effective treatments on the market to combat this uncomfortable condition. Homeopathic remedies have been proven to be far more effective than over the counter solutions which simply mask the symptoms of thrush.

One of the most recent developments has been the extensive testing of Yeastrol, an oral spray which combats the disease. This spray has been found to be far more effective than over the counter treatments as it actually works with your body to reduce the symptoms and prevent further outbreaks rather than just masking the symptoms.