How to Treat Pleurisy Symptoms With Homeopathy

Pleurisy symptoms typically include a cough, fever, a sharp sticking pain and shallow breathing. The pain is normally worse for any movement, such as breathing in. It can be a complication after you have had pneumonia or some other lung related condition, and your treatment did not make things any better.

There are two types of pleurisy – the wet type and the dry type. The wet type, as the name suggests, means you have fluid between the lung and the pleura, the membrane which encases the lungs. The dry type means there is no extra fluid.

In both types, your main concern may be the pain you experience. If this is the case, then you may want to consider the use of this excellent homeopathic medicine which can help in so many cases.


In homeopathy, you always have to match up your symptom picture with that of the medicine. Only then with it work for you. And it does that by improving your immune system. This then cures you.

So let's look at the symptom picture of Bryonia.

  • the pain is worse for the slightest movement, even a cough
  • the pain is better for pressure, such as lying on the affected side
  • you have a large thirst at infrequent intervals
  • you are irritated when disturbed, preferring to be left alone and quiet

If you can see a match, then Bryonia will probably be all you need to resolve your pleurisy. It has such a close match to the typical pleurisy symptoms, it's almost a specific medicine for it.