How to Treat Pleurisy Holistically

Pleurisy sounds a pretty scary sort of disease to have, and not one most health professional would advocate you try to treat with home prescribing. But things always start off small, and if you can nip it in the bud at the early stages, chances are it will never develop into anything serious.

Even if you have a past history of pleurisy and you know the tolling signs of another bout, before you rush off to get your normal treatment, it might be worth asking yourself this. Are they getting more or less regular? Are they getting less or more intense?

If you are getting more intense bouts, and they are coming more frequently, then ask yourself another question. Are you going towards cure or away from it? If they are getting worse or more intense, then maybe your current treatment is not doing you a lot of good.

Both the wet and the dry type of pleurisy can respond very well to the homeopathic medicine Bryonia, if your unique and personal symptoms include the following:

  • the pain is worse for the slightest move, even a cough
  • the pain improvements with pressure, such as lying on the affected side
  • you have a large thirst at infrequent intervals
  • you are averse to being disturbed, preferring to be alone and quiet

If you can see your symptoms in this symptom picture, then Bryonia is probably going to be a very effective medicine for you.

Homeopathy works by improving your immune system to the extent where you can cure you. So it's worth taking heed that you have pleurisy in the first place, because your immune system is compromised.

This is quite normal in today's world, when people are not encouraged to follow their own intuition or feeling. Where everyone gives their power away to someone who has less interest in your health than in the fees they can make from you.