How to Treat Nerve Pain Naturally and Effectively

If you want to know how to treat nerve pain naturally, then you may need to change the way you think.

Nerve pain is one of the most painful and unpleasant pains there is. It tends to be sharp, shooting in nature, or stinging and is often intense. And if the nerves don’t repair, then the muscles and other tissue they serve can wither and die. So the sequelae are potentially serious.

By the nature of it, it sounds complicated and beyond the scope of a home prescriber. But it may not be, if you are a homeopathic home prescriber.

Hypericum is a common homeopathic medicine found in most good home prescribing kits. It is a wonderful medicine for resolving nerve damage, that was caused by an injury or by surgery.

It really doesn’t matter if the injury was minutes or years ago. If the nerves have not yet healed, Hypericum will help them to do so.

Old injuries can be complicated by other forms of treatment. Drugs can alter your symptoms, by suppressing them. However, if you know the nerves were damaged and have not healed, then this may still be the most appropriate medicine. But be prepared to seek the services of a professional homeopath.

Recent injuries may only need a handful of doses to be completely resolved.

Old injuries can be more complicated and will take much longer to heal. A suggested dose of Hypericum in the 30c potency, once a day for weeks, or longer depending on what your symptoms are and how they are responding.

Areas that are rich in nerves are fingers and toes especially the tips, eyes, head, spine, mouth and genitals.

Hypericum will tend to reduce the effectiveness of insulin injections, so you may need to dance between the two to get best results.