How to Treat Neck Arthritis and Painful Joints

Neck arthritis or neck pain is caused by the joint pain conditions like rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and others. It is a joint pain condition where the cartilage in the joint wears down due to injury or aging process or combination of both.

The common symptoms of neck arthritis are stiffness and pain in the neck. These symptoms can become severe when standing as compared to the lying down as that produces the effect of the gravity on the spine. Also at times sleeping at night worsens the situation. As neck muscles are in relax state and without the support of these muscles there is more pressure on already compressed nerves. This results in more inflammation and pain.

The patients with neck pain also show signs of weakness, burning, numbness, tingling, electric pains down the arm, forearm and hand. The other sign of neck pain is headache that is experienced on the back side of the head.

Neck arthritis is not reduced on doing nothing. Actually statistics have shown sedentary people suffer more than active ones. Few activities that will reduce neck pain are neck exercises, posture exercises, massage therapy and last resort medicines.

There are typical postures and neck exercises that will bring back range of motion with relieve of pain and stiffness. For posture exercises set of exercise bands and exercise ball is needed. The neck exercises are learnt from therapist. The flexibility, circulation and mobility are increased by massage therapy. The relaxation produced helps in relieving pain.

Alternative methods like homeopathy and acupuncture proves to be very effective in relieving the neck pain. In the grave situation when pain becomes unbearable pain killers are used to check neck pain. As pain killers have side effects their use should be the last option.

One type of joint pain as discussed is due to degradation in the cartilage. On the other hand painful joints can be due to only pain without any physical deterioration of the body joints. Such a disorder is called arthralgia. This condition can spring up with little or no known causes. Painful joints may result from injury or loss of lubrication in the joint. The symptoms of arthralgia are very similar to arthritis with slight variation.

The common causes of painful joints are different forms of arthritis. The other causes are fracture or accidental injury, diseases like fever, flu, hepatitis, chicken pox, and rubella that are infectious.

What ever be the reason for joint pains in the body, light exercises under the guidance of able physical therapist will bring about a significant change in the state of body. This applies to neck arthritis also. To control the joint pains in your body is in your hands.