How to Treat Ingrown Toenails – Leena


When your toenail grows into your toe and its surrounding skin swells to give you discomfort, it usually indicates ingrown nails. Unless it grows chronic, ingrown toenails can be treated at home by the following method.

  1. First, wipe your nail clippers with alcohol or betadine, especially its underside. Then pour two capfuls of betadine solution into half a gallon of warm water and soak your foot in the solution for ten minutes.
  2. After drying your foot thoroughly, clip the ingrown toenails at a slight angle. Avoid cutting your skin by keeping the clipper bottom as close to the base of the nail plate as possible. Once you cut the nail, gently pull it out. Next, wipe the area gently using a cotton swab or gauze pad soaked in alcohol or betadine.
  3. Supposing there is some bleeding after cutting your nail, just elevate the foot and apply an ice pack on the region for ten minutes. Use light pressure. However if there is excessive bleeding, it’s better to consult a podiatrist.
  4. Your toe should be soaked in the betadine solution for about twenty minutes for three days or till you find relief from the soreness. Make sure you dry the region and apply an adhesive bandage with some antibiotic cream to the toe after soaking.
  5. It’s better to insert some cotton between the nail and skin for a few days to keep pressure off the toe. Once the nail grows away from the toe, remove the cotton. While the toe is healing, it’s better to wear loose shoes or go barefoot as much as possible to reduce as much pressure from your toe.
  6. If you have a chronic problem with ingrown nails, its better to consult your podiatrist about it. If you find severe swelling, heat, pain and swelling persisting for two days or if you feel feverish, it’s better to consult your physician.
  7. Your podiatrist may suggest some other treatment option like manipulation an elevation of the nail end so that the pressure on soft toe tissue is prevented. In extremely rare and chronic cases, your podiatrist may opt to correct the problem surgically.

If you have diabetes or any circulatory problem, its better to consult your physician before considering any self medication.