How To Treat Hemorrhoids or Piles?

It is very hard get things done normally when we have hemorrhoids or piles. To treat hemorrhoids or piles at home, first thing is take a high hot enema, temperature from 102F to 108F. Use either white oak bark or bayberry bark, or white alum root tea to cleanse the entire length of the colon.

Make a strong tea from the bark of witch hazel and one teaspoonful yellow dark root. Use the witch hazel bark and catnip if no other herbs are at hand. Use a teaspoonful of witch hazel and a teaspoonful of catnip to a cup of boiling water, steep twenty minutes.

If the trouble is external, dip a small piece of cotton in this tea and bathe the affected part. If internal, get a baby syringe and inject two tablespoonfuls at a time or you may use a glass syringe. You will find that this hemorrhoid treatment will give relief in a short time.

Taking hot herb enemas is less painful and the piles will go back inside easier if you take the knee-chest position, as this causes the intestines to drop forward.

Very bad cases of hemorrhoids can be cured using kerosene alone. Apply to the affected parts either inside or out. If inside, inject a little. Kerosene gives instant relief to your hemorrhoids. Lemon juice is also excellent used in the same way.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are linked to wrong diet, overeating, intoxicating liquors, tobacco, spices of various kinds, white bread, sugar, fried foods, and all acid forming foods which cause fermentation. These habits devitalized diet causes constipation, clogs the liver and causes an impure blood stream and does irritates the stomach and intestines.

If there are swollen tissue of the mouth of the rectum, and also swollen blood vessels, these are symptoms of hemorrhoids and you can notice the bleeding piles. Little tumors are formed around the anus. Both internal and external pile is very painful. Often, there is extreme itching.

All heavy and stimulating food should be avoided as mentioned. The diet should be simple and light. Soybean milk, soybean zwieback, thoroughly ripe bananas, vegetable broths of any kind. To go on a fruit diet for a few days is a very helpful measure.

A hot sitz bath, as hot as can be borne, should be taken. Sit in this bath for fifteen minutes or longer until the body is thoroughly heated through. Have another tub containing cold water, and after being heated, sit in this for a second or two. Return to the hot water, and repeat. If you use a bath tub, have the water well over the hips. Place the other tub alongside the bathtub, tilting it by using a piece of wood or some solid article under one side. Continue this for one hour.