How to treat fungal infection naturally


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Fungal infection treatment requires very comprehensive treatments focusing on both internal and external symptoms. Indeed some individuals have had recurring fungal infections due to systemic fungus. Internal treatments include antibiotics, a dietary change and body cleansing. External treatment normally includes topical anti-fungal creams. However, let us look at some of the fungus natural treatment that one can use.

Garlic herb is considered a very strong antimicrobial agent. Garlic is a good fungus natural treatment as it isone of the richest sources of the Germanium. This element is a rich inducer of interferon and is effective in transforming the immune response. Another popular fungal infection treatment is undecylenic acid which is an organic unsaturated fatty acid produced from natural castor oil. The acid is obtained by cracking castor oil under pressure. Undecylenic acid is a well known natural fungicide.

Clove oil is another fungus natural treatment ingredient that is helpful in killing toenail fungus as it has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The oil is obtained from the clove plant grown in several areas like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Other fungal infection treatment available for home remedies that help to battle the fungus, especially in cases of toenail fungi, and in some cases treatments which completely eliminate the same, include vinegar, Listerine, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. All you need to do is to soak the affected nails in any of these solutions mixed with equal parts of warm water. Do this for 20 minutes twice a day until all the fungus goes away.

Melaleuca oil, commonly known as tea tree oil, is a very strong fungal infection treatment ingredient. It is obtained from Australia’s Melaleuca tree and has been safely and successfully used for many decades to treat wounds and skin conditions. However, it can be toxic if taken in certain amounts. There is a long list of products that range from skincare to dental products that utilize tea tree oil as a primary ingredient.

Fungal infections are usually not life threatening in otherwise healthy individuals. Nevertheless, a systemic fungal infection may be severe and serious for individuals with compromised immune systems. Good personal hygiene should therefore always be maintained. In the case of surface infections the skin should be kept clean and dry. Take care to avoid contact with other parts of the body. If someone in the household has an external fungal infection all the bed sheets, towels, floors, shower stalls, and other contact surfaces should always be washed in hot water and disinfected after use.