How To Treat Fingernail Fungus Infection


The nails have functions that are important to the body despite its size. It is composed of keratin. The nails provide clues to the health of an individual. It can indicate an immune system problem or even internal organs therefore it can be an immediate source of initial diagnosis to further medical tests.

Although the most common nails infected are the toenails because of the direct contact to the floors and other wet surfaces, the fingernails do not escape same problem. Usually, an infected nail shows symptoms of discoloration and thickening; embarrassing symptoms that can affect an individual’s self esteem. Some hide the discoloration by using nail polish which worsens the infection. Others try to ignore it until the infected nail becomes painful to ignore. Severe nail infection has bad smells and sore nail beds. This needs immediate medical attention. It is important therefore that upon notice of nail infection symptoms, treatment must be applied.

There are several ways to treat fingernail fungus infection. There are antifungal solutions available in the market that can be purchased at reasonable prices. Although some doctors prescribe oral antifungal medicines, some people prefer the solutions that do not risk side effects that can be long term. One of the effective antifungal solutions in the market is the ZetaClear Antifungal Solution. It is derived from natural oils therefore it is complementary to the skin that is connected to the nails. It also does not pose any side effects because it came from natural oils. There is no lingering smell that turns off men from using because of the feminine or medicinal smell.

In using antifungal solution, basic hygiene should be religiously undertaken:

1. Wash hands with soap and warm water. Use nailbrush to remove underlying dirt that get stuck under the nails.

2. Cut using your own nail cutter/clipper any loose nails that might cause cuts on the underneath skin therefore leading to more infections.

3. Avoid nail salons since this is where tools are used by different people. The possibility of spreading the fungi and contacting other bacteria on the affected nail is very high on nail salons.

4. Do not use nail polish since it can exacerbate the infection. The nail polish contains chemicals that can damage the tissues of the weak nails.

5. Use your own nail cleaning tools like nail file and clipper.

6. Keep hands clean and dry.

Treating the nails immediately can save you from serious medical problems. The spread of fungi in the skin can cause more problems later so a bottle of the antifungal solution is very handy for home remedy.

If you can not avoid household chores that involve exposure of the fingernails to chemicals or even water, use rubber gloves. Prolong exposure to harsh chemicals or even water can weaken the nails and cause damage. If you are still under the antifungal solution medication, avoid using artificial fingernails and polish to eliminate growth of fungus on your nails.

If symptoms persist, get medical assistance immediately because it might be symptom of other medical problems like diabetes and low immune system.