How to Treat Chest Congestion Naturally

When you have a feeling of tightness or congestion this could be chest congestion, which can be due to the accumulation of the mucus and fluid within the lower parts of your respiratory tract. Even some heart ailments can be a cause of a congestion in your chest.

You may have an infection in your respiratory tract or maybe a allergic reaction that would be due to a congestion in your chest. The symptoms can cause an inflammation which would turn into a accumulation of some mucus and will give a rise to congestion of the chest.

In observance from anyone suffering from a cold or dry cough, with flu can also suffer from a chest congestion. When in this position, a person will have difficulty breathing because of the mucus in great quantity in the lungs. There are some natural home remedies for a chest congestion to help with breathing easier.

One thing that is quite effective for a relief of some chest congestion is steam. Inhale steam for approximately 10 minutes. Then there will be some immediate relief. It will loosen your mucus in your respiratory tract and it will be able to drain out faster.

Take a hot shower or bath to help fight against the congestion in your chest. This is like the steam but just during a shower and bath and will help loosen the mucus that is in you respiratory tract that is stuck.

Something else that will help you a great deal is Eucalyptus oils. This is useful for acute bronchitis as well. Add 3 or 4 drops of eucalyptus oil to your steam inhalation. This will help soothe your throat muscles that are sore and will also help you breathe better.

Another effective home remedy for chest congestion is ginger. If your chest congestion is real bad, this will really help. Just get some water and boil it, then add 2 pieces of ginger that is fresh and add tea leaves. Let it sit so it will brew like regular tea and then strain and drink.

Spicy foods will help too. To loosen mucus that is stuck in your respiratory tract, eat foods such as chili, jalapenos and black pepper.

If you use hot water with just a tad bit of honey and lemon, gargle it and this will help relieve your symptoms of a chest congestion. It’s OK to drink it as well.