How To Treat A Sore Throat Naturally

Whether it's 3 o 'clock in the morning and you are unable to make it to the nearest drugstore or if you're simply not too fond of putting over the counter drugs into your body, there are several ways to treat a sore throat naturally lurking right in your food pantry or spice cabinet. Some individuals, including doctors, have sworn by certain natural concoctions to be more effective than conventional drugs and medicines. So the next time swallowing becomes a hassle, try a few natural fixes that do not include those harsh chemicals and ingredients found in tablets, capsules and sprays; you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

When it comes to soothing a sore throat, sucking on ice chips is a plain, simple and cost effective way to instantly subdue the scratchy feeling in the back of your throat. Not only will the ice provide a refreshing and cooling sensation, but it can also help to numb the pain as well. Although popsicles may seemingly be a more enjoyable option to get the same benefits, the sugar may actually agitate the throat even more. It is best to purchase natural juice bars or sugar free popsicles.

Gargling warm saline water has definitely been one of the most traditional remedies for a sore throat due to its capabilities of reducing inflammation and deteriorating mucus, but in fact, there are a few different spices and herbs to add to a hot cup of water that could possibly posses more healing potential than salt water alone. Gargling with cayenne pepper, turmeric and sage have all been reputable sore throat remedies that have been passed down from several generations. It is as simple as mixing 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of your spice of choice in one cup of hot water. You can gargle the mixture as often as you like, but no less than 5 times a day.

Conventional tea, preferably raspberry or green, with a few teaspoons of honey will work wonders for an irritated throat. Although it is not nearly as tasty, mixing a tablespoon of vinegar and honey into a cup of hot water is definitely a formulation worth trying to calm your throat almost instantly. The benefits of this remedy have considered to be longer lasting and have even been advocated by several doctors. The vinegar water is completely safe to be consumed as often as you like. Fresh citrus juice such as lemon and lime can be used as an alternative to the vinegar.

Before scrounging around your kitchen and home for natural ingredients, the most important and beneficial remedy for your throat is to get adequate rest. Minimizing your energy output will give your body the best chance to recuperate and heal at a quicker rate. And regardless of what you choose to gargle or drink, it is important to keep your mouth and throat moist as much as possible, therefore try your best to sleep with your mouth closed and continue to drink plenty of fluids.

These natural remedies for a sore throat should only be used for moderate cases. If your throat irritation persists past 2 to 3 days or is accompanied by severe pain or other ailments such as a fever, it is best to seek the advice of a physician.