How to Treat a Goldfish Ulcer

Ulcer disease on goldfish is a very serious goldfish disease. The ulcers normally develop in areas where there has been attack by another parasitic disease or a fish has damaged its scales. Ulcers are a symptom of a bacterial infection (Pseudomonas and Aeromonas bacteria) Caused by poor water quality or an excessively high pH level. Also commonly affects newly imported goldfish. Ulcers can grow rapidly on a goldfish and spread to other in the tank so rapid treatment is recommended.

Treatment goldfish ulcer.

As soon as you see the beginning of an ulcer you must treat at once. The faster the ulcer is treated the less chance it has to grow.

1. Add aquarium salt at a dose of 1-3g/litre to reduce the amount of fluid that is lost directly through the open ulcer by reducing the osmotic gradient between the pond water and goldfish tissue.

2. Clean the ulcer. Use hydrogen peroxide or iodine to clean the ulcer, do not let the treatment get into the gills, eyes or mouth.

3. Use an antibiotics treatment by

·  Use Short-term baths for a few hours each day using anti-bacterial products such as potassium permanganate or antibiotics.

·  Apply a topical treatment directly on to the ulcer. For open sores it is recommended to wash them in iodine or hydrogen peroxide solution and apply antibiotic ointment.

To support the goldfish’s healing, offer a good food and raise the water temperature to 20-25°C and aerate vigorously. If the ulcers do not heal you will consult a vet for advance treatment.