How to Treat a Fracture Naturally

If you want to know how to treat a fracture, then first you need to know the different types of fracture.

The most severe is a compound fracture where there is a complete break and the two ends of the broken bone may not even be touching each other.

Then there are the more minor fractures, down to more of a bone bruising. When using homeopathy to treat a fracture, there are some important points to know, before you treat it.

Initially the victim of a serious fracture will be in shock. So you need to use plenty of the shock medicine Aconite. This will ease the fear and effects of shock. Obviously this is dependent on the severity of the fracture, the more severe the fracture, the deeper the shock will be.

Once the shock has settled, then the next best medicine is Arnica. Although Arnica is more for soft tissue damage, it will ease the soreness, the bruising and the trauma to the surrounding tissue. It will also relax the soft tissue, which will allow minor breaks to slip back into position.

The next best medicine in any fracture is Bryonia. The symptoms of Bryonia include a worsening of the pain with movement. So this will ease this.

Now the patient can be more easily, less painfully, taken to have the fracture set.

There are many areas of the body where fractures cannot be set, where the patient simply has to remain in bed, sometimes in a rigid cage to prevent the bones healing out of alignment. The pelvis, the ribs and other abdominal bones are all too difficult to place in a cast, so movement needs to be restricted.

The use of these three medicines will normally replace any need of pain killers, and will increase the rate of healing. They help to relax the muscles, so the fracture will be kept in place.

You may notice that the cast can come off much sooner, when taking these medicines.