How To Treat A Broken Collar Bone

A collarbone is part of skeletal system and is anatomically called a clavicle. You can recognize this bone immediately by sight as it is the bone that attaches the shoulder to your sternal bone. This connection of the collarbone and the breastplate is made possible by the acromion. Our collarbone can be easily recognized by the mere touch because it is very prominent and can be felt easily.

The purpose of the collarbone is mainly to support and align your shoulder alongside with the ribcage. This part of our body is very prone to many injuries because it is attached to the body parts that are more often than not are used in the activities of our daily living. The most common problem on our clavicle is getting broken. Many factors can result to the damaging of our collarbone. To enumerate some; falls, vehicular and sport accidents are the most common cause of clavicle damage. You can easily identify that the clavicle is damaged. Since it is prominent and is outlined by the skin, tenderness and bruising can be normally experienced. In addition, snapping sound can be heard, it is as if the sound of a bone being cracked. It is also very painful and is not easily relieved.

An x-ray will confirm if a person does have a broken clavicle. Once a result has been released the doctor will determine the extent of the damage and will create an appropriate treatment. Clavicle fractures do not necessarily need surgical intervention not unless the damage is very extensive. Most likely, to treat a broken collarbone is just simply making it rest and allow the bones to restore. The doctor will usually use a sling or a bandage to help immobilize the affected area. Slings are favored by most of the people who have had collarbone fractures because it is more comfortable compared to the figure of eight bandaging style. The more it is immobilized, the faster it will heal. It is also suggested to put on ice packs over the affected area to minimize the pain and it is also reinforced by analgesics as prescribed by the doctor. It takes time to let the bones heal and restored to its normal function. Time frame of healing also varies depending on the age of the person who had the damage. The younger you are, the faster your collarbone damage will heal. You can tell that your clavicle is healed when you can feel a slight protrusion from where your bones have been broken. Aside from that slight physical discomfort, you can use your clavicle once again. Do not overuse it and minimize in engaging physical activities to avoid another accident that may not only break your collarbone but can also contribute to further serious injury.