How to Treat a Breast Cyst

Women between the ages of 30 and 50 and women approaching menopause are reported to develop breast cysts more often than women in other age groups. Breast cysts are often visible from outside and can be easily viewed with an ultrasound. The sooner you check your breasts for potential breast cysts the better, to eradicate unnecessary worry and pain. Breast cysts are sacs filled with fluid that gets collected in women’s breasts. The fluid inside breast cysts can be thick or thin, different in size and shape, and varying in size from a pinhead to a walnut. Breast cysts might appear in various colors of yellow, green or blue-black.

Breast cyst investigation

Doctors are not fully certain about the cause of breast cysts. Many suggest that cysts in breasts are often the result of a hormone imbalance. Although breast cysts( are mostly benign, they often cause anxieties and concerns of cancerous tendency. It is suggested that all breast cysts should be professionally investigated and analyzed by a doctor.

Natural breast cyst treatment

Normally no surgery is required in order to relieve the discomfort of breast cysts and get rid of breast cysts straight away. The traditional clinical practice of breast cyst treatment( includes ways to get them drained or aspirated. It is found nowadays that more natural breast cyst treatment by taking vitamin supplements might be equally effective and successful in dealing with breast cyst. Many of these vitamin supplements are beneficial in regulating the body’s hormonal levels. This is significant in breast cyst treatment because unbalanced hormonal levels are often believed to be the cause of breast cyst development.

Natural treatment of breast cysts

Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E taken as supplements together with healthy diet might be the first choice of natural breast cyst treatment. Evening primrose oil offers essential fatty acid GLA necessary to fight and soothe the inflammation, relieve the pain caused by breast cysts and be relied upon as a natural treatment of breast cysts( Vitamin E used as a dietary supplement is observed to have the similar relief effects as the evening primrose oil. To improve efficiency, Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E supplements are suggested to take along with a balanced diet.

Vitamin imbalance not hormone imbalance to blame

Doctors also recommend Vitamin B6 as natural breast cysts treatment to help reduce the size of breast cysts. Pyridoxine-vitamin B6 is essential in preventing breast cysts from taking shape. 10 to 15 days of intake could often minimize many of the symptoms and discomfort caused by breast cyst. In addition, a vitamin B complex is a very often suggested vitamins supplement to ensure sufficient and balanced B vitamins, which performs as essential components of the human body.