How to Tell if You Have Diabetes – Top 11 Ways to Tell!

It is not rocket science to detect when you are suffering from diabetes. There are certain alerts one may use as a guide to detect this deadly infirmity. Among others here is the top eleven ways to rule out whether or not you are an increment in the ever so growing population of diabetics.

1. Are you suddenly losing weight

Your weight has great relation to whether or not you have diabetes. Most diabetics are usually overweight. However, when one has diabetes weight loss occurs. This may result from use of fat and proteins stores for energy utilization.

2. Do you suffer from polyuria (frequent urination)

One of the trademarks of diabetes is frequent urination. This symptom presents itself because on the body's ability to reabsorb water into body. The kidney keeps emerging water because of the osmotic activity related to high glucose levels.

3. Are you always very thirsty

Due to the fact that one may be urinating frequently dehydration may be stemmed. The client will then be extremely thirsty caused by a drive to replenish water loss in the body.

4. Do you have the dire need to eat, always hungry

A person with diabetes may be entitled to eating as a result of tissue breakdown and wasting that occurs. One is in a state of starvation when left at the mercy of diabetes.

These are the four signs that can not be removed from the diabetic's rocky road. These are the number one detours which expels you from the non diabetic highway, the cardinal signs of diabetes. If you have experienced these signs most probably you are now a potential buyer of the unsatisfactory good, diabetes. The seven other symptoms are the top symptoms one would experience after these cardinal signs they are:

5. Blurred vision

6. Puritis (itching of the skin)

7. Numbness in extremities

8. slow healing of wounds

9. vaginal yeast infection

10. fatigue

11. irritability and changes in ones mood

These may seem harmless or more so unrelated to the disease, however, this is the underlying reason why diabetes is so under diagnosed. This neglect in detecting diabetes worsens a person's condition. Early detection of diabetes is the best way and one may add only way to curb its many complications. With this efficient guide one is readily equipped to diagnose the life threatening disorder diabetes.