How to Tell If a Man Has Hidden Feelings for You? Here Is How to Get Him to Completely Open Up

If you have had the longest crush on a certain guy and your gut feel tells you that he might feel the same way about you, then try to observe more closely. See if he starts behaving like these:

He’d clam up whenever you’re a stone’s throw away from him.

If this guy fidgets when you’re around, if he stammers during your conversations, and he can’t seem to stop licking his lips, then he is definitely hiding deep feelings for you – either that or he’s just too clumsy.

He behaves oddly when you’re around.

If he’s with his friends, this guy seems confident and sure of himself. Once you come into the same room, he’s suddenly perky or extremely shy. These odd behaviors come about because he wants to impress you yet in the process, he either clams up or becomes too animated.

He’ll get in touch with your closest friends.

This guy will want to get to know you more so he’ll contact the people who know you best. And since they’re your friends, they most definitely share their encounter with him. If he asked your likes and dislikes, then this man has hidden feelings for you.

He’s all yours.

That is, he’ll focus when you’re the one who’s about to speak. It will be hard for him to ignore you since he has an overwhelming emotion for you. Try to smile at him when he’s all eyes and ears and this man will be all mushy!

He’ll freely give you compliments.

He will only have words of appreciation for you. This man will be blind to any of your weaknesses and he’ll readily embrace every idea that you present. In short, he’ll only have nice comments and thoughts for you.

He’ll never be able to say no.

If he’s hiding his feelings for you, then this man is at your beck and call. Try asking him a favor and he’s the ever ready knight in shining armor who will aid you! He’ll also willingly run errands for you because he wants nothing but to please you.

His eyes will defy him.

Try to look straight into his eyes – if he can’t even have the guts to look back, then he’s surely hiding something! Once you catch his gaze, try to lock on and see if he’ll smile coyly at you. Smile back and he’s all yours for the taking!