How to Talk To a Depressed Person

It is very frustrating to talk to a depressed person, because they see everything in a negative manner. They are driven by silly fears, standing far away from good and seeing only the bad in the world.

Talking in a supportive tone is the best way to resolve a large percentage of problems. But it is very difficult to indulge in a happy conversation with a depressed person. The communication will differ according to the situation and what the people involved feel comfortable with. If it is so hard to determine whether your approach is right or wrong, use a neutral tone of voice. Any wrong thing that has a wrong tone can send the depressed person screaming or yelling.

If your words are in keeping with his feelings, it can be of great value to the depressed. By and large you have to be understanding and empathize with him. This will create a bond of trust between the two of you and the depressed person will open up his mind before you. If the depressive tells you that his life is a failure and everything is hopeless, you can suggest some ideas to him that will bring him off his way of thinking, thereby making him feel better.

Sometimes it is very difficult for you to know what to say or do when a person is clinically depressed. There are some boosting words that express your support to the depressed person. “I love you,” “you are my friend and important to me” and “I am with you” are among them. Whatever you say or do must provide physical and emotional support to the depressed loved one.

Reinforcing the mental strength of a person by suggesting mental models, giving more constructive autosuggestions, using positive metaphors, guiding the person to confront situations are among the methods you can use to improve the condition of your depressed loved one.