How to Take Off Fake Nails

When you have had your nails for some while and you are not thinking about getting new ones and want to get rid og the ones you have, here are some tips on how to do it. The glue that is on the fake nails is usually very strong so if it does not look like the nail is coming off by itself you should definitely not rip it off because that will hurt a lot and it may cause a permanent damage to your own natural nail.

To get the fake nails off, you should get some acetone and put it in a bowl and then sink your fake nails there for at least 15 minutes. Then take a wooden stick and gently pull the nails with the stick. If it sees like they are still not coming off, you should put the nails back in the acetone. If you don't have any acetone, you can try using hot water; it makes the glue go off.

Also if you do not have a wooden stick you can use a finger nail file to slowly remove the artificial nails. After removing all of the artificial nails, you can carefully try buffering the extra nail glue off your natural nails and after that put some lotion on your nails or some nail polish,

You should not in any case try ripping and tear off the fake nails because it really can ruin your own natural nails. It can rip off layers off your own natural nail too when the fake nail is ripped off and it makes the natural nail very thin and rough textured and when the nail is thin enough, the part of the finger where the nail is, becomes very sore and this will last for some weeks until the damaged nail grows out.